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Arctic Beauty Kiwis (Actinidia kolomicta)

Super hardy kiwis can take temperatures down to 40 below zero making them the best type to grow in far northern cold climates. Smaller vine than other kiwis, they like partial shade and are known to fruit at an early age. Very attractive, with showy magenta hairs on their new growth. The male vines have been long grown as an ornamental due to their variegated pink, white and green foliage. The fruit is smaller and less abundant than on hardy kiwi varieties, but very sweet and good to eat, with a high vitamin C content.

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Arctic Beauty Kiwis (Actinidia kolomicta)


Arctic Beauty Male (Conventional)

Conventionally Grown

Excellent pollinator for female Arctic Beauty varieties and a beautiful ornamental on its own, with pink, white and green foliage.

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Red Beauty Artic Female (Organic)

USDA Certified Organic

Good female selection with sweet and delicious fruit.

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Sentyabraskaya (september sun) (Organic)

USDA Certified Organic

Sentyabraskaya, or September Sun, is a productive Russian variety with tasty, sweet, medium-large emerald-green fruit that ripens in mid to late August. Vine has very attractive green foliage with...

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