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Native to China and Japan, these unique vines are prized for their ornamental value and nutritious tubers, which are eaten oiled, steamed or mashed like potatoes. Hardy perennials, they die back in the winter and return in the spring. Cinnamon Vine grows to about 8-10 ft. in height and can be grown where temperatures fall to minus 25°F. In areas with very warm summers, Cinnamon Vine can spread quickly.

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Climbing Yam

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DR. YAO (Dioscorea batatas) (Conventional)

Conventionally Grown

Prized for its exceptionally large and tasty tubers, this popular variety is widely used in Chinese cooking. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 5. Current stock available as conventional 1 gallon pots.

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Japanese Yam (Dioscorea nipponica) (Conventional)

Conventionally Grown

Very popular in Japan, this attractive, perennial vine is prized for its heart-shaped foliage, fall blooms, and tasty and nutritious tubers, which are formed both underground and on aerial branches....

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