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Welcome to Rolling River Nursery's News Updates

Happy Fall Equinox!  We hope to share with you what's happening on the farm as well as gardening and homestead tips on these pages.

Fall is here and the first rains have started.  We just harvested our late honey and the last of the Comice pears, Fuji apples and Korean Giant Asian Pears.  Daily we collect the shiny dark brown collasal Chestnuts that have fallen to the ground.  This truly is a time of abundance.  Our back porch is filled with boxes of carrots, potatoes,  beets and winter squash.  We are feasting on our favorite figs, the Negronne, Brown Turkey and Lattarula as well as later table grapes such as Black Mannukahs, Lakemonts and Concords.  We made delicioous juice from our Cabernet and Zinfandel graoes in our steam juicer.  The Paw Paws are starting to fall and have been a delightful creamy treat. The Overlese paws paws have just finished ripening and the sunflower which is loaded with very large fruit is about ready to harvest. We have also been enjoying the very early ripening Izu Persimons and hardy kiwis.  Our son Lucius was found in the Damson Plum tree gorging on the spritely flavorful plums.  marc (or Poppy as we call him) has been working hard making late night rounds, with our devoted hounds to keep the ever insistent bears from stealing the harvest.

Perhaps the biggest news this year was the birth of our beautiful son Beecher Woods Robbi, last November.  After a rough start, he is now a fast growing farm boy who is constantly active and has a strong passion for eating the many fruits we grow.

We had a great fruit season this year, pretty much a good set on all the trees.  It was our first commercial harvest of cherries.  We brought a lot of tasty Stellas, Bings and Rolyal Annes to the market in Arcata.  We also brought sweet juicy Redhaven peaches, Santa Rosa plums, Bartlett and Comice Pears, Hosui and 20th centruy Asian pears, a large diversity of table grapes and figs to name a few.

The big farm project this month is cross-fencing our orchard for our baby goats to graze.  Our crew (our 14 year old son Lucius, often called Boo, and our intern James, also known as Mighty Moots, jimbobs, and Mutables, led by Poppy, have been hard at work, courageously harvesting poles  from our extremely steep slope, stretching fence wire through our tightly packed orchard slopes, and diggin holes in the rocky ground.  Poppy and Boo have been busy pealing poles for the baby goat's shed.  Some of the logs were rather large and they needed to use the trusty old swede hook to lift them.  A lot of progress has been made and we should have the goats out within the next couple of weeks.  We hope that running the goats under the trees and letting them graze the fallen fruit will help control coddling moth and keep the brush down.

Our trusted interns watched the farm this fall while we took our herd of pack goats and family, Lucius and Zea as well as our 10 month old son Beecher into the nearby Trinity Alps Wilderness for 8 days.  We climbed up an 8,300 foot peak, went simming in crystal clear blue lake waters and cooked over the open fire.  Beecher started crawling and Corrina and Lucius won the annual spades match.  It was all great fun.

We are going into the fall with an enlarged herd of goats. Eight babies were born.  Our two does Ahanti and Amber, had uneventful easy births and are keeping us well supplied with milk from which we fill the fridge with Keiffer and soft chees. The chickens are molting and the egg production has plummeted from 3 dozen a day to sometimes 3 eggs a day.  In a month we will put a light on them to stimulate production.  The Muscovy ducklings are getting their wing feathers and can be seen soaring from tyhe tops of vehickles and out buildings.  We added another dog, a sweet little Rat Terrier named Poca to our otherwise large jowlish male (Bailey and Homer) dog pack.  We hope she will keep the ground squirrels and moles under control.

Our cupboards are filled with canned peaches, applesauce and tomato sauce.  We've dried Apricots, Bartlett pear, Italian plums and figs.  the cover crops are mostly planted (oats, vetch and fava beans), and after the goat fencing we have some indoor remodeling to do. (a new office).

The trees and vines in the nursery are losing their leaves and inventory on most items is strong for the winter planting season.  We are happy to have switched to a higer quality organic potting soil from Mendocino county.  They mainly use cocoa peat, which is a sustainable resource.

We are looking forward to our second winter season online.  We are constatnly working tro improve our site and invite you to email any feedback that may be felpful to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy Gardening,

Corrina, Marc, Lucius and the rest of the Rolling River Family

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