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Winter Greetings 2008!

Winter Greetings 2008!
December and January were filled with rain and snow storms, power outages and road slides. Despite  it all we had festive holidays with a visit from Corrina's mom Susan and her grandpa Bruce.  Grandpa Bruce entertained us with his lively piano playing. Our one year old son Beecher fell in love with Grandpa and his music.  Beecher would sit in Grandpa's lap while he played piano, bobbing his head up and down in rhythm to the music.  Grandma Susan was extremely productive as usual, cooking up a storm, sewing this and fixing that and of course, spending every moment she could with her  precious grandson.  Thank goodness for grandparents!

We were sad to lose our dog Homer around the holidays.  He was a noble companion, our mountain dog we took on all our hiking trips, truly a gentle giant, and our  protector out in the wilderness.  He is missed.
Desperately needing to increase our dog pack so Marc doesn't have to spend sleepless nights down in the orchard, waiting to scare off the bears.  we were blessed to find a St. Bernard we've named Heidi, or Heidi blue eye, as she has one dark and one blue eye.  She is incredibly gentle, mellow, smart and huge.   She is a great addition to our family and farm.

Here at the Nursery We are busy at work propagating plants, pruning our orchard and packing orders.  My stepson Lucius (14) has been hard at work, designing Our Rolling River news letter and figuring out how to make it all work.  Our troops, James and Lucius have been bravely withstanding cold temperatures while propagating cuttings for our future nursery seasons.  Their morale has been kept up by yummy baked goods and gourmet lunches put out by the cooks, corrina and Zea (age 12). Marc has been working hard packing orders and making sure everything gets to our customers in the best condition. 

Marc and troops have been busy pruning and as the weather permits are starting to spray the orchard with lime sulfur.  We are taking out some trees in our intensive plantings to make more room and give better air circulation to those that are left.  We are also top working new varieties on trees we have been disappointed with, either they haven't produced well, or have inferior flavor.  All this is being done beside our baby goats who are now happily grazing on the orchard slopes.

Oranges, mandarins and lemons still hang on our citrus trees.  We are just finishing up the last of the Fuji apples.  It took Beecher a while to get over it but, the Persimmons are gone, He had a 10 persimming a day addiction, no kidding.   We are still eating Kiwis and baking delicious pies, crisps and cobblers with all our preserved fruit.  Canned cherries with goat milk yogurt is a favorite.

Even though 6 inches of snow covered our ground about a week ago, it has all melted and spring is in the air.   Egg production is up and buds are swelling.  The first seeds of the season have been started, and our lettuce is coming up.  We are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of a variety of propagation wood from university germplasms, to trial in our orchards, and to expand the varietal selections we offer in the nursery .  We requested 37 new varieties of Pomegranates, which we hope to make available in future seasons. We also ordered some new fig , currant and persimmon varieties to name a few.

Soon we say goodbye to our wonderful friend and intern James.  His hard work, support and care has been the best.  Thank you James!   We will be welcoming two new interns coming in March all the way from Brooklyn, 
Hope you all are putting those trees in the ground.  It seems that growing our own food is one of the best things we can do these days!
Happy Gardening,
Corrina and Marc and the rolling river family

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