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Fall 2010 Rolling River Nursery News Update

As I sit at my computer writing this I am looking out at the beautiful fall colors of the orchard.  I see a collage of golden colored peach trees, deep red blueberry bushes, crimson colored persimmons trees with bright orange fruits, and golden pomegranate trees with deep red fruits.  Fall is here and the harvest is in.  The harvest was a comparably light one this year, due to our very late wet spring.  The bears felt the late spring as well and came down from the high country early, breaking into neighbor0’s beehives, sheep and chickens.  We lost some chickens and a goat, as well as a many good night sleep.  Marc slept on top of the goat barn roof, with the dogs to scare away the bear who came back night after night.  It didn’t take us long to see that our aging lead dog and 3 females were not going to be enough to keep the hungry wild life out. Marc spent many an hour beefing up our existing perimeter fence and adding an electric wire above and below.  So far so good!  Soon it will be hibernation season and we can breathe easy until the next growing season. 
This spring we planted out a large diversity of mother plants of blueberries, service berries elderberries and gooseberries and look forward to this fall and winter when we will plant out our many remaining new varieties of pomegranates and figs.  We are hoping to increase availability of these new varieties for our customers in the next few seasons.  We are also excited to hear news from our customers who are successfully growing hardy pomegranates in Pennsylvania and colder parts of Texas.  We always enjoy hearing what varieties thrive where and hope you will continue to email us with gardening feedback from your particular microclimates.

All in all our animals are doing well despite some losses. One of our independent chickens ( a part of a band of rebels who refuse to go in the coop at night) just surprised us with hatching out 11 baby chicks in the doe pen.  Three of our does are bred and our buck is busting our pens apart as fast as we can fix them.  It’s hard to stop a buck in rut.  Plans for a state of the art buck destruct proof pen are in the making.  Hens are molting and egg production has gone down as usual this time of year.  Soon we will put a light on the girls, so we can continue eating our fried eggs on toast every morning. 

The rainy season started off with a bang, 4 inches from the first storm a few weeks ago.  The cover crop is in, the garlic has been planted and we are drying and cleaning out home saved garden seeds, dry beans and corn during any rainy spells.  My 4 year old son keeps asking me “when can we plant our flower bulbs mom?”  Soon it will be time to put in the seed orders…and the cycle continues. 
Blessed be the garden.

We hope you have had bountiful gardening season!
Happy fall,
Corrina, Marc and the Rolling River Nursery family

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