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Nursery & Farm News 2015

Nursery & Farm News 2015

Hard to believe it has been 4 years since writing a news update on the farm.  As a mom and pops business with a small crew, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all we want and should, sorry for the long lapse and sending out deep appreciation to all our customers who continue to believe in the importance of growing their own food, who share a love for plants and who continue caring for the earth and its sacred beauty. 

We cannot speak of this year without first speaking about the tragic loss of our son Lucius who died this past august in a fatal car accident.  He was on his way from his summer job raft guiding in Idaho to finish his bachelor degree at University of Montana in Missoula. 

Our Son Lucius was an amazing and accomplished young man.  He grew up with a passion for action and a sharp mind to go with it.  As we homeschooled, much of his education at a very early age concerned learning the practical skills of homesteading, farming and the nursery business ie: building, growing food, managing animals and orchards and propagating plants.  He planted, pruned and climbed most of the trees in our orchards while growing up.  By 15 with the counsel of his Pops, Lucius built his own one room cabin. By age 16, Lucius taught himself to program computers and built his own from scratch.  He was responsible for designing all the newsletters we have sent out over the last years and many other technological advances we “old-timers” made to our web-site due to his suggestions. By 17 Lucius was hiring out as a carpenter in the area. At 18 he left for Feather River College to get an associate in Outdoor Recreation Leadership, and explore the academic world.  We were delighted when he decided to continue onto a four year degree at University of Montana, Missoula.  This past spring, we offered to hire Lucius to help us with some projects around the farm, when his winter job as a snow board instructor didn’t pan out due to the lack of snowfall. He helpd on many projects around the farm including grafting. Many of the trees that will go out this year will be trees Lucius grafted last spring.

 Lucius was a kind gentle and courageous soul, with an immense passion for life, nature, good food ( especially home tree-ripened fruit) and adventure. Though his life was cut short, his time on this earth was spent living life to its fullest: Hiking mountains, paddling rivers, making things and connecting with people.  He was always quick to laugh and find the humor in most difficult situations.  We hope when you plant some trees this season, you will think of and honor his spirit.  May we all find the strength to meet life’s many obstacles and find nourishment from our connections with plants & the natural beauty that surrounds us, our friends and family.


Farm & Nursery News...

While Lucius was here this past spring, besides helping us graft hundreds of trees, he built a sawmill pole shed and made some major improvements to our water system.  Despite the drought we were able to keep everything watered this season, though we are praying for continued rains!  Our dedicated and productive crew potted on a record amount of new plants and it is heartening to see the nursery benches full of stock for next year.  It was an exciting year for our pomegranate collection as we finally tasted many varieties for the first time such as: Alk Pust Germez Saveh, Rannii, Ambrosia, Sogdiana, Syunt, Hotuni Zigar. Also our Jelly palms fruited for the first time putting on huge hands of delicious pineapple tasting fruit. We planted out 20 new varieties of Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntias) from pads the Parlier, CA germplasm sent, after growing them out for a couple of years.  We also did a successful planting out of newer hardy Avocado varieties from Texas that we feel very hopeful will do well in our northern California climate, and for our customers in similar climates. We hope to make these varieties more available soon.  This season we built many new nursery benches and planted one of our first Cranberry bogs in our pond.  We also coppiced our black locust poles to help us build up terraces on some of our steep slopes that we are planting to Olives and Stone Pines.  One of our team members, a budding mycologist, established many different species of edible fungi this season, such as garden giants, oysters, shitake and Reishi.  We were amazed by how many delicious mushrooms we were able to harvest so quickly and are excited to coninue expansion in this area.

We send out many thanks to this year’s crew who stood beside us during a difficult time and helped to keep the nursery running, We certainly couldn’t have done it without them.  May they go out and help preserve the plant diversity they see around them.   We look forward to finding ways to meet the increasing supply demands of our customers, and are very happy people are interested in supporting “Organic”.  We would like everyone to know that we treat all our plants with organic practices:  Those plants on our website that are considered conventional are varieties we have bought to resell, and even though treated organic under our care upon arrival, they are considered conventional until they are under our organic care for a year.

We hope your harvests were abundant this past year and your gardens are thriving.  We love the work we do and helping our customers to grow their own.  It is our wish to provide more cultural and growing information on our site, this coming season. 

Please remember the two most basic ingredients to gardening success is to water new plants consistently during the growing season and fertilize well in spring! 

May your gardens grow abundantly this year!

Warm Regards,

Corrina & Marc

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