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Mission (Texas Mission) Almond (Conventional BR 2020)

Conventionally Grown

Medium size, hard shell. Kernel is white, short, plump and sweet. Relatively hardy and historically heavy bearer.  Beautiful, profuse white blooms with a pink center.  Semi self-fertile, but does better with pollinizer. Pollinizers: All In One, Hall's Hardy or Nonpareil or Butte or Padre. Requires 500 hours chilling below 45 degree F.  Mature height is 15-20 feet with a spread of 15-20 feet. Late blooming regular heavy producer of hard shelled nuts.  Good cold tolerance.  

  • Nut Category: Mission Type

  • Estimated Chilling Requirement: 500 hours below 45°F 

  • Bloom Timing: 6 days after Nonpareil with Butte and Padre

  • Harvest Timing: 29 days after Nonpareil

  • Approximate Harvest Dates: September 27 to October 12 (approximate for Fresno, CA area)Almond Maturity Chart

  • Shell: hard, well sealed

  • Kernel Size & Shape: small to medium, plump, slightly bitter 

  • Pollination: pollenizer such as Butte or Padre required

  • Tree Characteristics: large, upright and vigorous, easy to train

  • Comments: Also known as Texas Mission. Regular to heavy bearer, knocks moderately well. Tree sensitive to soil salts.

    2020 - Currently sold as bareroot 5/8" on Nemaguard. Info provided by

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