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Hoops Red Leaved Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) (Organic)

USDA Certified Organic

An exceptionally superior, wild seed grown cherry plum selection from the late Sam and Marjorie Hoops, who were truly inspired gardeners and fruit growers. During our early years here before our own trees fully started bearing these wonderful folks would bring us truck loads of great fruit from their orchards. Among several great unique fruits they shared with us were their cherry plums. Sam would enthusiastically bring a strawberry flat of plums, with each row of baskets its own distinct color, red, pink, yellow blushed pink and yellow. Though they were all good, we found the darkest red ones the sweetest and best and have propagated them for you to try. Cherry plums, P cerasifera have naturalized a lot in this country, but we have never eaten any that come close to these. Another fine attribute to the red colored strain is they have red-purple leaves, making them an attractive ornamental accent tree. Very quick and easy to grow, they are abundant producers of sweet and juicy medium-small round plums. Hardy zones 5-9.

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