Rolling River Nursery is a USDA certified Organic Nursery run by Planting Justice in Oakland, CA. We produce a wide diversity of container grown, hardy, temperate and subtropical fruit trees and bushes, as well as many great native and multipurpose tree seedlings, plus other useful shrubs, herbs and groundcovers. From our many years of experience growing and trialing (testing) fruit and nut trees we have selected the best of our varieties for your orchards and gardens. Our mission is to provide organically grown, vigorous and productive plants, so you too can enjoy healthy, home grown, tree-ripened fruit year round.

USDA Certified Organic

What does it mean to be USDA certified Organic?

We grow and care for our plants using practices that are people, animal and environmentally friendly and safe. We use natural fertilizers, hand weeding, and ducks and chickens as well as other organic pest controls, instead of the harsh chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, commonly used in the conventional nursery trade. Rolling River Nursery is committed to providing a healthy working environment and promoting sustainability, while producing high quality plants which will thrive and grow well. We are also pleased to be one of the few nurseries to offer organic nursery stock at this time.

* note there is a small amount of stock we have brought in from other conventional nurseries that we would like to make available to our customers. Such Products will be identified accordingly, as conventional.

Please browse our online store offering a large selection of plants for the edible landscape. We have been busy adding many new and diverse varieties of plants from around the world. While we have an excellent well-tested collection of apple trees, pear trees, peach trees, cherry trees, plum trees, kiwi vines, many berry plants and much, much more, we're particularly happy to offer one of the largest collections of fig trees, pomegranate trees, grape vines, blueberry bushes, citrus trees and currant bushes available anywhere. We have plants to fit in any landscape, from the small backyard to the large acreage. Many of our plants are highly ornamental in the landscape, and we always strive to grow varieties and use rootstocks that will make for plants that are hardy, productive and long lived.

We hope we may be of help to you in creating your own abundance and enjoying the rich rewards that planting trees and perennial plants bring. Besides the benefits of food, shade, wood, and clean air, planting trees is an affirmation of the future, a gift to our children and those to come.

Happy gardening and feasting,

Planting Justice

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