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Native to China Goji is also known as Wolfberry, Chinese Boxthorn and Matrimony Vine. It is an attractive vine like shrub that can have thornless branches up to 12 feet long. Will sprawl if not staked and can also be clipped into a hedge. Light purple bell shaped flowers bloom in spring through early summer then turn into bright red berries as the season progresses. Is very drought resistant likes a well drained soil.  The prolific tasty sweet berries are extremely nutritious, famous for their high levels of anti-oxidants, carotene, essential amino acids and a high mineral content.They are eaten fresh, dried and are used in Chinese cooking. Leaves are also eaten both raw in salads and cooked. Tough plant is hardy down to minus 10 degrees F.

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Goji (Lycium chinense)


Crimson Star Goji (Lycium barbarum) (Organic)

USDA Certified Organic

This excellent commercial Chinese variety, also known as Ningxia #1 and Matrimony Vine, is very productive of high quality, large bright red berries that are loaded with all the anti-oxidants,...

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Goji Berry 4 Plant Special, Crimson Star (Organic)

USDA Certified Organic

Get Four 2-year old Goji berry plants for 20% off! Put in a productive planting of these vigorous, high yielding, attractive bushes and harvest your own supply of these delicious and super healthy...

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Goji Seedlings (Lycium chinense) (Organic)

USDA Certified Organic

Pretty, quick growing shrub has bright green leaves and purple-blue flowers. Bears large crops of excellent high quality berries. The fruit is much esteemed in China, both for its good flavor raw and...

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